As part of the BC Accelerator Network, we help businesses with tech and Tech with business.

Business programs for innovative Entrepreneurs. 

With the generous help of our funder, InnovateBC, we are able to deliver the Venture Accelerator (VAP) Program to North Central BC. The VAP consists of a mix of one-to-one mentorship, classes and guided exercises that assist new ventures to find, understand and reach their markets. This model has proven successful for thousands of ventures across the province and we are very proud to be Northern BC’s very first partner in the BC Accelerator network!

Our results. 

Our mission is to help the technology sector to grow and the business community to adopt technology into their operations. We assist entrepreneurs to build ventures; and innovators to connect with peers, mindsets and resources. We take this goal very seriously and our results speak for themselves. We have facilitated:

$0 Million

Investment Placed

Jobs created

$0 Million

Revenue Generated

Our Values.

What we do is just as important to us as to why we do it. Here are our guiding values at Hubspace.


We know that you can’t have a thriving economy without a resilient community. No one succeeds alone, and we are grateful for those whose shoulders we stand on.


We are inspired leaders, creators, and self starters. We love what we do and aren’t afraid to fail or try new things.


We are persistent and will never settle. We get stuff done and we get it done well.


The solutions to yesterday’s problems are not the same as today’s, and today’s certainly won’t be tomorrow’s.

Our Blog.

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Our Supporters.

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